I’m interrupting the usual ‘Australia’ programming to tell you about something very exciting that happened to me yesterday. Picture this…I finish work, do my usual quick check of my phone before leaving work and there was a snapchat waiting for me from one of my fellow bloggers that I follow. I thought “this is […]

Now that I’m home i’ll be using my time to catch up and tell you all about my time in Australia, let me start by taking you back to the end of January when we took a weekend trip to the Blue Mountains. After the Australia Day long weekend the girls and I made a […]

Woah, It’s been a heck of a long time since I posted anything of real substance. A LOT has happened since my last post back in April. It’s no excuse, but the more I thought about my blog the more it scared me to open to the laptop, I’d open my laptop and fear would […]

4 months in to this travelling business and I have a problem…I CANNOT close my backpack!!!! How this happened is beyond me. I reside in Sydney for 4 months and apparently my brain has not grasped the concept of ‘stop buying things because your life must fit in a 60l backpack’. The night before I […]

I came up spluttering and gasping for air, yelling out “ouuucchhh” and possibly a few other curse words to follow. Christ that hurt!. I had just jumped 15 metres off a cliff into the harbour. Having done this jump before I knew what to expect, and thought I would be fine. Oh how wrong was […]

A few days after the girls arrived I took them to Manly. Partly for selfish reasons as I’ve been wanting to go for a while but never got round to it but also because everybody always says I should go. We got up early, got on a ferry from Circular Quay and started our journey. […]

Working during the week doesn’t leave much time for exploring, but most weekends I try to make the most of my free time by exploring different FREE things in and around Sydney. In November my weekly online search on What’s OnΒ brought up a great result. I’d been searching for a while to find something interesting […]

Following on from my last post…. The day after the girls arrived I unfortunately had to go to work (sad face). Work for the past few weeks had been weird. As it was the Christmas /New Year period pretty much everybody was out of the office. I guess most people had taken paid holiday leave, […]

Once Christmas was over my excitement levels peaked as on the 30th December my 2 best friends joined me on my journey to conquer Australia. They started their journey from London 2 days prior, god the waiting game was a killer. I just wanted them to be here in that very instant, but I had […]

Woooo I did it. I survived my 1st Christmas abroad without my family and actually it really wasn’t that difficult. Leading up to Christmas I thought it was going to be a big drama, I thought I’d feel homesick, and sad but in fact the only thing I did feel pretty much was extremely hungover. […]