About me


Name – Aduke Thomson

Age – 28 years young

Born – London, England

Education – BA Honours in Journalism 2008

Profession – Aspiring writer, photographer and traveller of the world

I was born here in London, grew up and educated in Essex and somehow got through a Journalism degree at the University of Lincoln. Since leaving university I have done numerous jobs, often working for free to get “that journalist job” that is so encouraged whilst at uni. After about 2 years of doing placement upon placement whilst working part time jobs doing anything and everything to keep a roof over my head, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to travel but couldn’t afford to, so the next best thing was to get a job in the travel industry. This was my lifeline, my work took me to many different countries including China, Morocco, and around Europe. From this I was hooked…the desire to leave and have an adventure grew stronger every day. IMG_8840 Having travelled quite a bit with the family as a child, I knew I loved to travel and experience different cultures, and my best friend Anna and I had always dreamt about travelling during our school days. Fast forward to many many years later and we are finally turning our dream into reality. I’ve had 1 hell of an emotional and turbulent year following the end of my 6 year relationship (and all the drama and stress that comes with it), randomly going blind in 1 eye for about 2 weeks, then having to make the decision to take a demotion and pay cut or leave my existing job. In April of this year I was made redundant, this was the push I needed to pack up my life, book a 1 way flight and go and live my dream (after all I had nothing to stay for). So here I am with 17 days to go until I fly away writing this blog to help encourage and motivate budding young travellers to go and live the dream on a very small budget. I’m not made of money my decision to leave was very last minute, I don’t have thousands of pounds worth of savings, but I will be working as I travel in Australia (the Working Holiday visa is a GODSEND) and making the most out of what I have. I hope to be proof that this can be done on a tiny budget, documenting every hurdle and success along the way. image



  1. uoprincess · · Reply

    Good luck and enjoy!


  2. Happy to meet and now follow you 🙂


    1. Thank you for following. Keep checking back for more posts on my travels.
      Love your blog also.


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