Monthly Archives: October 2014

Picture Perfect Port Stephens

I have now been in Sydney for 2 months and with another 2 months to go until my travelling buddies arrive I am already starting to get itchy feet. I am ready to leave now, I want to explore and see new things and meet new people. I do love Sydney, it encompasses everything I’d want […]

Somewhere to sleep, New Year Saga

“Sydney at New Years they said, great idea they said”…WRONG! Who books to be in Sydney for New Years Eve…but doesn’t start looking for accommodation until 2 months before the event? Yes that’s right myself and my 2 friends that’s who. Rewind to 5 months ago, there’s me booking my flights, getting excited “yes i’m going on adventure”, […]

Hello Sydney, Hello Winter

I don’t want to be 1 of those typical Brits that complains about everything. I am in 1 of the most beautiful cities in the world afterall, but I have been complaining (more than I should given my surroundings) but by god i’ve never been so cold (I didn’t think i’d be saying that in […]

These are a few of my favourite ‘free’ things…Part 1

As a backpacker with lets face it not very much money, I have been hunting down as many FREE things to do as possible. Even things which I probably wouldn’t necessarily choose to do in normal situations. Here is a run down of some of the FREE things (in no particular order) I have chosen to […]